The following is part of a comment I received on my Friendster account:

sharing stories over a cup of coffee “So when can we sit for a cup of coffee or two and perhaps talk about the good old days?” – 19  July 2008

The good old days… I wonder if we still have the same notion of what those days were.

The message was from a good friend of mine. He was a man I have always looked up to, even though he would always insist that we are but equals. We never did seem to agree on anything, he did things I will never do in this lifetime and I may never understand some of his philosophies but he is a person who has earned my trust and respect.

I last had a chance to talk to his mother when I needed something for a subject in college, her mom happened to be working in the government institution that I went to. It was then that I have learned that he has already tied the knot andliving his own life.

Just the way he would have wanted.

In the years that followed high school, we lost touch of each other. The last timeI saw him was in a class reunion some three years ago. He has aged, I mean all of us have, for he was already mature in the way he thinks way back then.

From an outside perspective, a starnger would easily mistakehim as just another misguided youth ready to take on the world in his rebellious carefree attitude. But to those who were willing enough to listen and get to know him though, one would find out that he simply wanted to be his own man and do things his own way.

I would always recall that one afternoon as we were walking home when he envisioned how our lives would be years later. He was a philosophical dreamer yes, and yet he was a visionary of sorts as well.

Of all the characters and personalities that he is: a rebel, an artist, a musician, a husband, a father…to me the most important of all was, a friend.

In one of those moments of sentimentality, I sent him an email and the following is part of his response:

Thanks for remembering. Life is too short for us to live it through the patterns set by others. It is by being who we really are that matters most and not by trying to be the person others wants us to be. At the end, this would make a huge difference in a world so corrupted by traditions of misjudgments and wrong beliefs.I take this opportunity to thank you. Of all my friends and batch mates, you were always there with me from our grade school days to the time when we were both making a name during high school, though I took the road less traveled later on.In almost 25 years of living a life less ordinary, I learned that real men don’t make wrong decisions nor take the wrong path because everything is justified. I want to let you know that I appreciate everything. I miss my old hobbies though. I miss painting and writing. I still write but not essays… I write codes for applications. I still paint but not with papers and inks. I paint GUI and application designs.

Here’s to you my friend. Remember that although we have taken different roads in our journey through life, maybe someday we’ll eventually meet each other again in oneof life’s many crossroads.

(for sonic)

~ by allen mallari on July 27, 2008.

One Response to “crossroads”

  1. Thanks. Too little time indeed, so many precious moments to fill our bags in as we leave this world of dreams. I remember writing that message though. 3 years or 4 years ago perhaps but then again, you still have it in your bin. Great!

    I have been writing too but basically all remained unpublished as of the moment. I have some photoblogs though of my trips. I hope I can find time to write online too. The power of the pen will always be mightier. Well, I am still the same person after a decade or two of ageing, struggles and learnings. The REBEL in me is still very much active but then again, LIFE has taught me how to take it easy. Age? Nope. I just get tired easily now.

    I am happy. You have reached your goal now. Somehow. You may not have made it as a SCIENTIST and perhaps I may not have made it as a LAWYER or a POLITICIAN but then again we won in our quest to answer the toughest question of LIFE – Who am I?

    But there are other questions left unanswered and so the journey has to continue. Wanderer as we are but soon, we shall reap the fruit of this struggle – the knowledge that will make us all complete afterall.

    We may or may not meet in any of those crossroads but then again, there can only be one destination. There for sure, we shall meet once more. Perhaps once day, we shall see each other launching our own books? Hehehe. Cheers to the GOOD OLD DAYS!

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