digital bliss

It’s one of those rare moments when the Intensive Care Unit is not that busy, the patients are not that critical and I actually have time for myself. I was able to do some catch up with this so called social network. Browsing through my friends profiles I realized that most of them have pictures of their sons and daughters as their primary picture whereas in stark contrast, I still sport the comical characters that I used back when I was still in school. Holding on to a time worth remembering?

I also had the chance to browse through my old blog posts. Make that, very old blog posts, some going back years. I will not make excuses, I will not rationalize and I will most definitely not cry over spilt milk. What has been lost in time cannot anymore be redeemed. And I can only make up for what is to come and not what has gone by.

It used to be that I wrote because it was something that I really liked to do and I always had the luxury of time with me. Nowadays, I still would like to write, but nowadays, some things just take priority over posting something on your blog in the middle of the night as sleep also becomes a most prized commodity.


~ by allen mallari on March 29, 2011.

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