highschool reflections

“There’s this funny thing about school: it teaches us math, but it doesn’t tell us sometimes things just don’t add up. It teaches us arts and literature but it doesn’t teach us to be human beings. It teaches us language but it doesn’t teach us say what we really want to say. It teaches us science and sometimes religion but it doesn’t teach us life or faith. The greatest lessons are not confined within the four walls but through opening ourselves up and reaching out to other people to give our hearts.”

 It’s been fifteen years ago today. And I remember it so well.

 Back then there was already an improvement in the school seal, from the nostalgic monochromatic blue, we now sported a full colored one. And it also doubled as our shirt pockets. In a small way, change has come and it was inevitable.

 I still remember that we were not required an ID card, simply because the name cloth and the school seal were enough to identify us as members of this institution.

 For some of us coming from the UA Grade School Department, the transition to high school may have been a walk across the oval field. We were to just transfer to another building, that’s all. Or so it seemed at first.

 We were only in freshman year when the meaning of the term “irrevocable” was firmly ingrained into our collective consciousness. And we were to be the last batch to know of it before it just became another page in history, or worse just another school myth or urban legend.

During the sophomore years, one of our greatest achievements was when we outplayed the juniors in the annual intramurals to clinch the runner up position. It was also the year that the World Youth Day was celebrated here in the Philippines.

 It was in the junior year when typhoon Mameng unleashed its wrath and devastated not only the school but the entire province as well. It was a time of great struggle for us, a time when some of us were even forced to leave the school for one reason or another. But for those who chose to remain, life went on in ways we only knew how. We even still had a JS prom, ironically the only one we were to have.

Then came Senior year. We were both witnesses and at the same time part of the department’s Pearl Jubilee celebration. We were and henceforth will be part of history as it unfolded.

 After our days at our beloved alma mater, some opted to stay on, while others ventured to explore the world beyond the walls of the hallowed campus. Some took the straight and narrow path, while some of us went astray while others are still wandering, searching, finding their place and perhaps purpose in this world as we now have accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, beauty titlist, fashion icons, entrepreneurs, nurses, doctors, musicians, artists and OFW’s among others as many of us have stayed, but a lot have also chosen to try their luck overseas.

 In due time some of us have also become fathers and mothers to the next generation of students. May they have a childhood as wonderful and as bittersweet as ours.

Sadly it is also a fact that some of our beloved friends are not with us anymore and there are there are those among us who still struggle not just to exist, but live a life well lived.

Not all of us may have had a common past, but we do have a singular heritage if you will that binds us together. A past that is filled with memories, some arguably the best in our lives, and some memories, we simply hope to forget over time. And as always, a future which we look forward to.

A lot of the familiar faces that we have grown up with are no longer there, the buildings have multiplied and the surroundings looked a little bit different from the last time we were there.

 Here’s to fifteen years of dreams, triumphs and aspirations. Happy Annniversary UAHS Batch ’97.


NB: I wrote and gave this message on the occasion of my high school batch’s 15th anniversary a year ago. recently, we had the chance to get together again and remembered this. so now, I’m posting it for posterity.


~ by allen mallari on February 12, 2013.

One Response to “highschool reflections”

  1. This is all so true and!! Especially the quote at the beginning. It’s great. Whose is it?

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