tax you!


To quote the great statesman and former US president Benjamin Franklin , “The only things certain in life are death and taxes” And since I’m on the topic of quotes and taxes here’s a few more:

“Every quarter, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus whenever the accountant calls me up and tells me what I owe in taxes. Not only do I pay 3% monthly, and then get 10-12% deducted in withholding taxes whenever I get paid by HMO’s or for my stints at the dialysis unit… I still have to pay an additional almost 20% in taxes every quarter. And they keep saying professionals don’t pay their taxes…”

Dr. Tennile Tan via Facebook

“We fight death, disease, fatigue, sleepiness everyday even when we’re home we still think of our patients. Sometimes at the expense of our family and own health. Yet people see us as blood sucking parasite that only cares about the money. The path we thread is just a hairline between insanity and just plain determination. Please BIR, we are paying more than we earn. Yes maybe workers pay more taxes than some of us but they are paid on overtime, we are not. They can have their leave, not us, no vacation. They have bonuses, us, no work, no patient, no pay. Lawmakers files bills to increase your salaries and benefits, they also file bills to criminalize our mistakes and limit our income. Just had to let some steam off after > 24 hrs duty. And still working.”

Dr. Manuel Quiambao via Facebook


Still on the topic of taxation, I once went to the BIR office to pay for my taxes. While waiting in line I overheard the following from a man speaking loudly on his phone:

“Dati kasi bibigyan lang namin yan ng pamasko ok na e. Kaso iba kasi ngayon ang mag tax mapping e, baka mahuli yung mga libro sa purchasing.”

Then there’s this other guy with 10 boxes of what seems to be an assortment of bread, also talking over the phone say “Musta na yung pinapaasikaso kong mga papeles? Talaga, pwede na bukas? May dala nga pala ako pasalaubong. So ano, iwan ko na lang dun sa guard tapos lagay ko yung pangalan mo ha?”

The aforementioned incidents happened about 5 years ago. Fast forward to today and there still seem to be not much change in the system for me to feel good about paying taxes to the government.

And as if on cue, just this morning the first message on my phone is from my accountant reminding me how much I need to pay. Again. With the news about how some of our politicians used (and abused) the very same taxes we pay to enrich themselves, it just couldn’t get any worse.


~ by allen mallari on August 3, 2013.

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  1. […] news about physicians not paying their taxes correctly. I wrote about it already in my other blog here so I won’t elaborate on it. The point is, I am a law abiding citizen of the country and pay my […]

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